Horse Clipping

To Summerize Why We Clip Horses and the Key Benefits

I offer a Mobile Horse Clipping Service, which requires no Electricity to run the clippers.  The clippers are attached to a 12 volt car battery so the horse or pony can be clipped on anywhere, preferably on a hard surface. 


26 Years Experience 


Travelling distance 20 miles within surrounding areas of NE63 8EQ Northumberland, Ashington.  United Kingdom.  There are many clips available, it is the owners preference on what style is requested. 


If your horse is fine for clipping, it can generally take up to 1 -1/2 hrs depending on style.  Problem horses take a little longer.  Some horses may need sedation to help them relax.  This can either be given orally with a paste or injection administered by your vet.  Most clients can purchase Sedalin Gel from your veterinary practice, though your horse must of been seen by a vet within  months. 



Head Office:

92 Green Lane, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 8EQ

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