Hi all, welcome to Doggie Day Walkers website.

Our names are Ryan and Chloe, we launched our little dog walking service back in 2020 and since then it has grown into our dream job. We love spending time with the animals and seeing them develop and improve over time.

We make a commitment to the dogs we take on to help them push past any anxieties, fears and social issues that they may have and have had great success for many of our clients.

We can work on a 1-2-1 basis if your Doggo is not ready to run with the pack yet, but we would aim to help them socialise and follow basic commands during these walks then eventually introduce them to others at our social groups.

We decided that we wanted a safe place for our and your dogs to run free have fun and socialise with other dogs, whilst still being in a controlled environment. So, we opened our very own dog park based in the Storeton area. While this park is on an appointment only service, we do run social sessions 3 days per week that you can attend. You can come along, play with your doggo and enjoy watching them make new friends.

If you’re like us and see your doggos as part of the family, you want to know that they are in the best hands. We make it our mission to help all dogs enjoy their time with us and safety is always a priority. We do not over book sessions and make sure that everyone gets a little bit of special attention.

We have two border collies named Oscar and Ella they’re favourite game is catch but love a good chase. Oscar is always jumping in the water up at the dog park but Ella she’s a typical girl and falls out with us for getting her hair wet. They adore making new friends and Ella will usually try to mother the other dogs which is sweet to watch. If we sound like your kind of people give us a call and we can discuss what options are available, we will try our best to be flexible to you. No dog too small or too big, too shy or too loud we love them all.